L annee derniere a la meme epoque, les fumees de Sumatra avaient envahie le ciel de KL.

Et c est reparti cettt annee, avec le week end dernier le plus haut pic de pollution jamais enregistre depuis 2005.



Voir l edition de CNN :


Singapore was shrouded in haze on Wednesday as smoke from forest fires in nearby Sumatra drifted across the Malacca Strait in the city's worst pollution crisis in more than a decade.

Buildings in the city of 5.3 million people have been enveloped in a smoky haze since the beginning of the week as illegal burn off in nearby Indonesia and prevailing winds were causing a smoke crisis not seen since 1997.

Singapore's pollution index reached 173 on Wednesday, the worst level since 1997 when it reached 226, according to the Straits Times. The city's National Environment Agency said air quality becomes 'very unhealthy' when the index passes 200.

The agency said that thick haze would continue for the next few days as forest fires were still raging in Sumatra.